Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vacation to Napa Valley

My sisters and I just came back from a girls weekend to Napa Valley. On our way our first stop was to have lunch at Gotts Roadside, Hamburger Resturant. They have fantastic gourmet hamburgers. You can eat your burger on the pic nic tables behind the resturant. We were so lucky we just finished a week of rain and our vacation had nothing but beautiful sun filled days.

My sister Dawn....Brain Freeze from the Chocolate Shake....He He He!

I guess we got to the resturant just in time, when we left there was huge line..... well the burgers are worth the wait!
After the delicious hamburgers we stopped at Dean & DeLuca to pick up some treats for the evening at my sisters vacation home. This is an amazing specialty store. It has a bakery and deli inside as well.

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