Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whats in your backyard?

Sometimes it seems as though there is a whole other world just in your own backyard.
The kids and I went visit my sister who lives on ten acres in a 1040's farmhouse in Monterey. She took us all over Carmel Valley, to visit some of the best garden shops that I have ever seen.

The kids were so patient, after about the fifth landscape store I came out of the store to find them sitting back to back texting and talking on there phones....picture perfect.....I didnt even have to ask them to sit like that.

We ended the afternoon at Carmel Beach.

Ahh youth, Brandon is so fit from walking up and down the hills at Berekely that he just ran up the sand hill at the beach.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby Girl Came Home For Spring Break!

I am an empty nester so I get really excited when the kids come home from school. My daughter came home this week and my son will be home tomorrow. Yahoo!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer School at Cambridge University

I am so excited for my son, he just purchased his airplane ticket to England. He will be attending summer school at Cambridge University taking two classes, Politics in Europe and Seceret Intellingence in the 20th Century. The second class will be taught by the previous director of MI6. Can you believe it... I can hardly stand the excitement and I am not even the one going!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Perfect Rose Covered Cottage!

I first saw this cottage in a magazine a couple of years ago. I immediately fell in love with it, so I cut the photo of out of the magazine to save it for my dream book. I really just love looking at this picture. Sometimes I like to day dream about what it would be like to live in it.
Hmmmm....There is only one other thing that could make this day dream better......... May be if I had him waiting inside..........Yep! that would definitely do it! he he he...

Happy St Patricks Day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Daffodil Festival in Nantucket

The annual Daffodil Festival in Nantucket will be held this year on the weekend of April 24-27.
I live on the other side of the country so I wont be able to make it there this year but Wow!, what a sight to see! Here are some pictures from a previous event.
The town has a parade of antique and classic cars dressed up with Daffodils. Guests also dress up in decorated hats or they decorate wagons, strollers, where ever they can tie a daffodil to. After the parade many of the people partake in a tail gate party.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Stink Eye!

During a recent road trip with my daughter, we were driving on Highway 5 in California. Anyone who has driven on this highway knows that everyone drives at a high speeds. I am all for getting to where you want to go to in hurry but what are these people thinking? Even driving at 80 mph in the slow lane wasnt fast enought for some people. At a 100mph they were bobbin and weaving in and out of traffiic, tail gatting and cutting people off.

In any case I told my daughter the next person that cuts us off, she should give them the “Stink Eye” I don’t think it helped slow anyone down or stop them from cutting us off but it made us feel better… he he.

In researching the “Stink Eye” I found that not very many people can give a good “Stink Eye”. Only a select few have perfected this technique. See great Stink Eye technique below:

Hey have you ever gotten the "Stink Eye" from a dog??

Funny Dog Pictures!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When times are tuff, I need a good laugh.

Today I am lucky to say I still have a job. Although, I am not sure how much longer I will be able to make that claim. I work for a large company who like many other companies are being forced to lay off many good workers. As the economy continues to tumble downward, the company annouces more lay offs every few weeks. When times are tuff like this, I always like something that can make me laugh. This Star Wars card hits the spot.

One thing I noticed about many of the engineers that I work with is they all seem to have two things in common. They all love anything related to, Star Wars and Homer Simpson. Why???

Well recently I came across these funny Star Wars post cards and even I had to giggle.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love this picture.

I wonder what they are talking about......it seems serious??
At first I thought the gentleman in the picture seemed to be so focused on what the woman was saying, in a caring concerned way. Reflecting longer, I think he looks bored and may be thinking .... "We dont have to go over this subject again, do we???" You can just imagine him saying ... Yes Dear or possibly the occasional grunt or groan that you get from many men when discussing serious issues.
What do you think they're talking about??

Eight days til Spring!

Here in California, were apparently cows are the happiest, the sun has been shining and Spring has Sprung!
I love this time of the year when the hills are all green and the tulips are begining to flower. My roses are starting to grow new leaves. It won't belong before all are full of the most beautiful flowers ever created and they fill the air with there unforgettable fragrance.
Last November I planted some Pansies in my window box and front door pots. With all the rain I thought they werent going to make it but now that the sunshine has come back they are blooming again. They are such a hardy plant. I love all the colors they come in.
Last weekend while shopping at the Home Goods Store, one of my favorite stores, I picked up a few lanterns for the garden. They were such a great deal at only $6.99 each, I couldn't resist.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Beginnings

I am addicted Home and Garden Blogs. It reminds me of that movie 'You've Got Mail". In the movie Kathleen Kelly, played by Meg Ryan, states that she "Holds her breath and anxiously awaits those three words.... You've Got Mail". Thats how I feel about my favorite Home and Garden Blogs. Hmmm..... What will NY156blogspot post today??
I guess the next step in this Blog addiction is to start a Blog of my own? What will I write? Where will I get some great photos to post? Who knows what will happen next and where I might end up!