Friday, March 13, 2009

The Stink Eye!

During a recent road trip with my daughter, we were driving on Highway 5 in California. Anyone who has driven on this highway knows that everyone drives at a high speeds. I am all for getting to where you want to go to in hurry but what are these people thinking? Even driving at 80 mph in the slow lane wasnt fast enought for some people. At a 100mph they were bobbin and weaving in and out of traffiic, tail gatting and cutting people off.

In any case I told my daughter the next person that cuts us off, she should give them the “Stink Eye” I don’t think it helped slow anyone down or stop them from cutting us off but it made us feel better… he he.

In researching the “Stink Eye” I found that not very many people can give a good “Stink Eye”. Only a select few have perfected this technique. See great Stink Eye technique below:

Hey have you ever gotten the "Stink Eye" from a dog??

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