Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eight days til Spring!

Here in California, were apparently cows are the happiest, the sun has been shining and Spring has Sprung!
I love this time of the year when the hills are all green and the tulips are begining to flower. My roses are starting to grow new leaves. It won't belong before all are full of the most beautiful flowers ever created and they fill the air with there unforgettable fragrance.
Last November I planted some Pansies in my window box and front door pots. With all the rain I thought they werent going to make it but now that the sunshine has come back they are blooming again. They are such a hardy plant. I love all the colors they come in.
Last weekend while shopping at the Home Goods Store, one of my favorite stores, I picked up a few lanterns for the garden. They were such a great deal at only $6.99 each, I couldn't resist.

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