Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School Dorm Rooms

My daughter is starting her second year at UC Riverside. This year she is going to share an apartment with a friend. While looking for bedroom decorating ideas I came across some dorm room decor photos. The dorm rooms in these photos are a lot bigger then the rooms that my son and daughter had but in any case it has some great color ideas...... wouldn't you agree?

My daughter is excited that this year she will have her own room and gets a larger bed. I love the color combination in this room, it has a young look to it.

Isn't this beautiful? A white bed.... being single with no kids is probably the only time in a persons life when they can have a white bed and keep it white!

Friday, August 21, 2009

This years favorite flowering plants

I was recently laid off work so in between looking for new business opportunities I have had some time to work on my garden. While weeding the flower bed I have been really enjoying looking at the beautiful flowers that I planted this year. About four weeks ago I planted the State Fair Zinnia. These goreous plants grow to 4-5 feet high and the blooms are spectacular. I orginally purchased a six pack but did not get them in to the ground fast enough and lost three plants. The three that I planted were a little scrappy looking when I planted them but they rebounded once in the ground. I cant believe the show of blooms that they have provided in such a short time. I will definetly plant more of these next year.

I also planted the Eden Climbing Rose earlier this year and it immediately seetled into the flower bed and started blooming right away. This is definetly my favorite rose in the garden.
I came across the Irish Eyed Susan that is the sister to the Black Eyed Susan. The green center and the light yellow pedals are outstanding. I hope that it will come back again next year. If not I guess I will just have to go and buy somemore.... a must have in the garden!
My Black Eyed Susan just keeps blooming and blooming....
I was very excited this spring when my Echinecia "Purple Cone Flower" came back. I have planted some previously but they did not return so I was excited when this one came back.
I also planted some Shasta Daisies last year that came back but stayed really small....they probably needed some fertlizer??

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I need a Break....

Good News!... My son turned 21 today. I cant believe it were has the time gone? He came back home from summer school at Cambridge University and immediately got a job at a law firm. My daughter will be going back to school in a couple of weeks. She was very fortunate to have recieved three job offers when she returns. I will miss them when they go back to school!
Check out the photos that Cindy at posted of Monterey.... they are so beautiful. It makes me want to run away to the beach right now!.....hmmm... I think I will wait til the weekend. I hope Ya'll have a great weekend too!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Movie Review - Julie & Julia

I loved, loved, loved how Meryl Streep played Julia Childs and I could definetly relate to the character Julie who wrote the blog. Amy Adams did a great acting job but the movie portrayed her charater Julie as whiney and self absorbed. Julie cried or complained through the whole movie. I suppose that her personality was to be off set by Julia Childs cheery funny personality but instead it put a real damper on the movie. Nora Ephron has directed and procuded some of my all time favorite movies and I am disappointed to say that she got this one only half right. The Julia Childs charater was outstanding but Julie the blogger charater was a big downer. I would give the movie two stars out of five.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Julie & Julia Blog/Movie

I cant wait, tonight is the premier of the movie Julie & Julia. The previews look great. I will be going with my sister to see it tonight. In the previews her friend tells her that her blog is going to be made into a movie.... later it shows her talking to her husband and she says "I have things to say I can write a blog".... I think we can all relate to that? By the way there are a lot of Promotional giveaways. Trip to Paris from Cinemark and more... check it out.