Friday, August 21, 2009

This years favorite flowering plants

I was recently laid off work so in between looking for new business opportunities I have had some time to work on my garden. While weeding the flower bed I have been really enjoying looking at the beautiful flowers that I planted this year. About four weeks ago I planted the State Fair Zinnia. These goreous plants grow to 4-5 feet high and the blooms are spectacular. I orginally purchased a six pack but did not get them in to the ground fast enough and lost three plants. The three that I planted were a little scrappy looking when I planted them but they rebounded once in the ground. I cant believe the show of blooms that they have provided in such a short time. I will definetly plant more of these next year.

I also planted the Eden Climbing Rose earlier this year and it immediately seetled into the flower bed and started blooming right away. This is definetly my favorite rose in the garden.
I came across the Irish Eyed Susan that is the sister to the Black Eyed Susan. The green center and the light yellow pedals are outstanding. I hope that it will come back again next year. If not I guess I will just have to go and buy somemore.... a must have in the garden!
My Black Eyed Susan just keeps blooming and blooming....
I was very excited this spring when my Echinecia "Purple Cone Flower" came back. I have planted some previously but they did not return so I was excited when this one came back.
I also planted some Shasta Daisies last year that came back but stayed really small....they probably needed some fertlizer??

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  1. These are all so gorgeous. I planted zinnias for the first time this year and I am so in love with them!

    Sorry to hear about you layoff. I hope you find something you like very soon. :0)