Friday, August 26, 2011

A Visit to My Sisters Lavendar Farm in Monterey and Gizdich Ranch

My sisters and I went to the Lavender festival in Squim, Washington, a couple of years ago and came back determined to grow fields of lavender at my sister Dawn's farm in Monterey. The ground conditions and weather a perfectly suited for growing lavender. I think my brother in law was a little resistant at first but soon joined in and has now planted over 600 different kinds of lavender plants in three beds.
This is their first harvest, only a year after the small pants were sown..... Wow! that's a lot of lavender from just one small bed.

Every one has to work on the Farm even, Bob the Rooster, has to eat the bugs!

Guard dog on duty!

Before harvesting, we drove over to Gizdich Ranch to pick up some lunch and one of there delicious Apple pies.
If your ever out for a drive in the Watsonville area you should stop by Gizdich Ranch. Its a working apple and berry farm, that is open to the public. A lot of the local schools bring the students there to show them how the farm processes the apples for juice, sauce ect.
You can also just stop by for a slice of pie or lunch and relax in the shade in there picnic area.
Everything is made fresh .... there's nothing like homemade fresh apple pie like mom used to make!

Fresh... Fresh.... Fresh!
Lunch was a ham sandwich on fresh baked bread, with Fresh squeezed lemonade and some of there freshly picked strawberries.
I should have taken the pie out of the box to show you how huge it is. Not flat like the pies you get at the grocery store.

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